The Growth Blueprint: Building a Thriving Business

Thu, 9 Nov 2023.


Given that only 50% of businesses survive the first five years, it’s a fact that launching a successful business is difficult. Yet, worldwide, we see businesses that have thrived for decades and even the few that are centuries old and have undergone every economic turnout you can imagine. 

How do the entrepreneurs behind such companies do it? What is the tried and tested blueprint for business longevity? What does it take to build a business that survives and thrives in any economic climate? 

In this episode, I uncover a 3-steps framework you can implement to facilitate your business growth and make it fit for any economic weather. 

I discuss the three invaluable pillars for setting up a solid foundation that serves as a launchpad for your business, the intelligent way to create strategies for sustaining your business growth and how to nurture your business through personal development, managerial skills and team building.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, a small business owner, a newbie or an enthusiast, this episode will lift the curtains to the secrets successful entrepreneurs employ to build businesses immune to economic tides and stand the test of time.

In this Episode:

  • The three pillars you need to build the right foundation for your business 
  • Why having a solid foundation helps you build a loyal customer base
  • Intelligent strategies for sustainable business growth
  • How to scale your business through personal development, cashflow management, and team building
  • Legacy building: The reward for longevity in business?
  • How to reach out for further assistance in your business

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