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Achieve 10X business growth, make consistent sales, build a thriving team, expand your network and experience life’s fulfilment

Exclusive community of like-minded entrepreneurs who understand the unique challenges of running a business while juggling family and personal life

Educational materials, mastermind groups and expert insights

Mentorship for exponential business growth

Fun and inspirational business events

Transformational coaching that will 10x your results

Ticket to 'Attracting and retaining customers event

Quarterly Goal setting and goal review party

Monthly vision board party

Personalized networking opportunities to build meaningful relationships with other entrepreneurs.


6, 7 or 8 figures annual turn over?

Business Presence

Expanding your business presence to more regions and growing a huge loyal customer base?

Clients Payment

More clients paying daily for your products and services and referring their friends and family?

Delegate Duties

Freedom to delegate duties and spend more time doing exactly what you love with the people you love?


Gaining nationwide and international recognition for your unique offerings, making your brand a household name?

Leadership Impact

Increasing your leadership impact and reaching more people?

Financial Stability

More money to finally pay yourself your dream income?

Dream Team

More fun trips with your dream team?

They went from struggling to make a sale to consistently closing high-profile deals and attracting the top clients without seeming to do much work.

They went from a nobody in business to constantly in the spotlight, surrounded by high-profile people.

They went from having no voice to becoming respected as thought leaders and invited to top media platforms to share opinions.

They went from having no voice to becoming respected as thought leaders and invited to top media platforms to share opinions.

They are well-connected in their industry and beyond.

They are known to command a premium value for their time and charge the highest fees because of their brand and leadership impact.

Frame 543

No kidding! Let’s just say we want our members fired up and ready to go from day one.

Exclusive Health and fitness plan

Your business is only as healthy as you are. You cannot afford to ignore your health even as you journey to business success

Build effective Negotiation skill

Deal markers make the market. Learn the golden ropes of negotiating your ‘win’ in any business deal

Personal branding

Attention is social currency. Our personal branding experts will show you how to position yourself to attract quality attention

Business branding

Put your label on it and let it fly worldwide. All you need to know about branding your business for success as a BAME entrepreneur.

If you’ve ever had questions in your business that you wish you could ask an experienced entrepreneur with a track record of business excellence and success

If you ever wished you had a supportive tribe to share your goals with and be held accountable

If you desire a community of high-standards entrepreneurs who would hold you to higher standards

If you want a community where you can learn about creating the life and business you truly love and enjoy.

If you would love a community where we take fun business events as seriously as we take goal reviews.

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