How to Know The Right Business To Start

Thu, 2 Nov 2023. 

Starting a business is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a lot of courage, commitment to a “why” hard work, a thick skin to brush off the bad times and a heart to enjoy the fun times.

Over the years, I’ve started and grown different businesses; I’ve networked with entrepreneurs from all walks of life and been privileged to be mentored by top business leaders.

I know many people are attracted to the business world because of money and time freedom, which aren’t bad reasons but are often not strong enough to keep them committed to their businesses when things go south. 

In other words, so many people start businesses for the wrong reasons or in the wrong industry, and they easily get burnt.

In today’s episode, I share the tips for finding the business of your dreams and starting it! I show you how to determine if doing business is for you, how to discover what you want in business, steps to deciding the right business for you and how to validate your idea before going all in and starting a business around it.

You’d also learn the critical mistakes unguided entrepreneurs make when starting a business so you can steer off that path and stay on course to ladder-like success.

If you’re enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and don’t know how to start your journey, join me in this life-changing episode. It would be the best 17 minutes of your time invested.

In this Episode:

  • Are you cut out to run a business?
  • How to pick the best business idea out of the lot in your mind
  • The wrong reasons for starting a business and how to avoid them
  • Practical steps to help you discover the right business for you
  • Market research: How to know if your ideas or problems discovered qualify to become a business
  • The importance of starting small and validating a business idea before going all in
  • How to reach out for further assistance in starting your business


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